Medford, OR

At Hooker Guide Service we do our best to make sure you have a great time in nature and learn something along the way. Of course we also want to make sure you land fish! If you had a great time on the river with us we'd love to hear about it.

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Here are some stand out reviews from our clients


Took my second trip with Todd, this time in mid-April.  What a blast we had, Todd seemed to be right in touch with the thoughts of the fish, we limited out on steelhead by noon.  As usual, Todd provided great entertainment with stories and tall tales between shouts of "fish on, pull, pull, pull!".
Todd has great gear, clean and reputable operation.  He knows all the guides on the river, and for me, as importantly they know him.  It was reassuring when we were at the ramp with our stringer and the other guides and  their frustrated customers asking Todd, where he got them and what he was using.
Todd drifts that boat down the river like a duck, I was never worried about safety.
I'll be back again in August with my 9 year old son to get some Salmon.

Long Beach, CA


I have been blessed with a father that taught me the best he knows how, to fish, I thought I knew alot. I met a friend that told me he knows how to fish, I wanted to prove him wrong. I have learned how to fish for Salmon and Steelhead by this guy who has become a dear friend Todd the Hooker Wagamondt. the only Hooker my wife lets me spend a bunch of time with.

Dan the dude in the red shirt

I went out on the Rogue River with Todd and he got me into 2 big Salmon. That was my first time fishing and he made it seem so easy. He taught me so much that day that I fell in love with fishing and now want to do it all the time. I will always go with Hooker Guide Service every time I'm down south to do my fishing. Thanks Todd for such a memorable trip, hope to see you soon..

Tualatin, Or

Todd is an unbelievable guide. He knows the rivers here in Oregon like the back of his hand. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and polite on the water, and always ready to share fishing techniques and tips. Whether you are new to drift boat fishing or an experienced fisherman, Todd is the best at what he does. We always recommend him to our family and friends that come to visit us. He's always on time and eager to get in the water, and has a great attitude. We always have a blast when we got out with him. If you are considering a guided fishing trip in Oregon, the ONLY person we would recommend is Todd. Fish On! :)

Jon & Rebecca Weisse
Gold Hill, Oregon